Manos    Tsangaris    was    born    in    Düsseldorf    in    1956    and    studied composition    and    New    Music   Theatre    with    Mauricio    Kagel    and percussion     with     Christoph     Caskel     at     the     Musikhochschule (Academy of Music) in Cologne. Since    the    1970s,    Manos    Tsangaris    has    consistently    made    the conditions   of   a   performance   the   central   focus   for   compositions   in various artistic formats. In   1991,   Tsangaris   was   Composer   in   Residence   in   Moscow   at   the invitation   of   the   Soviet   Union   of   Composers.   In   the   same   year,   he   initiated   the   “Praemoderne” congress   in   Cologne.   In   1991   he   received   the   Bernd   Alois   Zimmermann   Grant   from   the   City   of Cologne,   and   in   1993/94   a   grant   from   the   “Akademie   Schloss   Solitude”,   Stuttgart.   In   1997   he   was presented   with   the   Art   Award   of   the   Berlin   Academy   of   Arts.   In   1998   he   stayed   at   the   Villa Serpentara, Olevano, and in 2009 he was guest of honour at the Villa Massimo in Rome. In   1991   he   lectured   at   the   summer   academy   Civitella   d'Agliano   (Italy),   in   2002   he   taught transdisciplinary   composition   at   NY   Musikk   in   Oslo   and   Stavanger   (Norway)   and   in   2003   at   the KlangKunstBühne   summer   academy   of   the   Berlin   University   of   the   Arts.   In   2007/08   he   was   in charge   of   the   academy   project   of   the   European   Center   of   the   Arts   in   Dresden   at   the   Hellerau Festival Centre with 20 recipients of grants. Manos   Tsangaris's   compositions   are   regularly   performed   at   internationally   renowned   festivals such   as   the   Donaueschingen   Festival,   Witten   Festival   for   New   Chamber   Music,   the   Belgrade International   Theatre   Festival,   the   Ultima   Festival   in   Oslo,   the   “TonLagen”   festival   in   Dresden, the   Warsaw Autumn   Festival   and   in   theatres   and   opera   houses   in   Cologne,   New   York,   Mannheim, Dresden    and    Berlin.    Manos    Tsangaris    has    also    often    been    commissioned    by    German    radio broadcasters   to   write   compositions.   Among   other   things,   he   composed   a   large-scale   orchestral work   for   the   10th   anniversary   of   the   Cologne   Philharmonie   concert   hall.   For   his   multi-site theatre   piece   “Batsheba.   Eat   the   History!”,   first   performed   in   2009   at   the   Donaueschingen Festival,    Manos    Tsangaris    received    the    composition    prize    awarded    by    the    SWR    Symphony Orchestra. Since   1990,   his   installations   and   other   art   works   have   been   regularly   exhibited   by   important galleries   and   museums   in   Germany   and   abroad.   The   Cologne   Diözesanmuseum   and   the   Odense Art   Gallery   (Denmark),   among   other   venues,   have   devoted   solo   exhibitions   to   his   work.   Concert tours have taken him to many countries in Europe, to North America and to Asia. From    2002    to    2007,    Manos    Tsangaris    was    artistic    advisor    to    the    director    of    the    Cologne Schauspielhaus.   Since   2004,   he   has   taught   at   the   International   Holiday   Courses   for   New   Music   in Darmstadt,   and   since   2008   he   has   been   the   guest   curator   for   sound   in   Kolumba,   the   art   gallery   of the   archdiocese   of   Cologne.   In   2009,   he   was   appointed   as   professor   of   composition   at   the Hochschule   für   Musik   (University   of   Music)   in   Dresden.   In   the   same   year,   he   was   elected   as   a   full member   of   the   Berlin   Academy   of   Arts,   where   he   has   headed   the   music   department   since   2012. In   2010   Manos   Tsangaris   was   elected   as   a   full   member   of   the   Sächsische   Akademie   der   Künste (Saxon   Academy   of   Arts),   and   in   2011   as   the   deputy   secretary   in   the   music   category   there.   In 2011,   he   founded   the   “International   Institute   for   Artistic   Investigation”   and   undertook   research in   the   area   of   scenic   anthropology.   In   the   study   year   2012/13   Tsangaris   is   Artist   in   Residence   at the Zurich University of the Arts (Master's course Transdisciplinarity). Since   October   2012,   he   has   been   artistic   director   designate   of   the   Munich   Biennale   for   New   Music Theatre from 2016 (together with Daniel Ott). “Manos Tsangaris's   compositional   work   focuses   on   the   question   of   how   the   various   media-related areas   of   human   perception   can   be   meaningfully   combined.   In   the   process,   the   activity   of composing   does   not   just   refer   to   placing   things   together   (com-posing),   but   at   the   same   time   to the   preceding   experimental   exploration   of   the   interfaces   where   media   connections   are   made possible   in   the   first   place.   This   expansion   of   the   traditional   concept   of   composition   is   matched by   the   variety   of   the   possible   results.      In   the   past   25   years,   in   addition   to   musical   compositions, Tsangaris   has   created   poems,   prose,   installations   and   other   art   works. Although   his   works   in   the field   of   language   and   pictures   can   very   much   be   seen   as   independent   in   their   own   right,   their combination   and   synthesis   in   a   form   of   universally   understood   music   theatre   is   the   central element of his artistic activity.” (Raoul Mörchen)
 Inge Zimmermann
Born    in    1956.    Composer,    drummer    and    installation    artist,    one    of    the    most    important representatives   of   experimental   music   theatre.   His   compositions   are   internationally   acclaimed and have been performed at several renowned festivals and theatres. In   2009   he   was   appointed   professor   of   composition   at   the   Hochschule   für   Musik   Carl   Maria   von Weber   Dresden,   and,   in   the   same   year,   elected   as   a   member   of   the   Akademie   der   Künste   Berlin (director   of   the   music   department   in   2012).   He   has   been   a   member   of   the   Sächsische   Akademie der Künste since 2010. Tsangaris   was   artist-in-residence   at   the   Zurich   University   of   the   Arts   (ZHdK)   for   the   1012-13 academicyear;   he   has,   since   October   2012,   been   artistic   director   designate   (from   2016)   for   the Munich   Biennalefor   Music   Theatre   (together   with   Daniel   Ott).   He   founded   the   Internationale Institut    für    Kunstermittlung    (    He    has    done    research    in    the    field    of    scenic anthropology.  Since   the   1970s,   he   has   repeatedly   taken   performance   conditions   to   be   an   essential   theme   of   his compositional work, expressed in different artistic formats.
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